VA - John Barleycorn Reborn
VA - John Barleycorn Reborn

VA - 'John Barleycorn Reborn' 2 x CD 18€ (Cold Spring)
A discovery of folk music from dark Britannica. 'John Barleycorn Reborn' explores seasonal birth, death and rebirth on this double CD. This compilation explores the darker side of British folk music, evoking the mystery of our ancient past and peoples, the strangeness of their beliefs, arcane traditions and the remnants of this carried down the centuries as folklore. The set has an extended booklet with articles, essays and explorations of the album's concept. Curated by Mark Coyle (Woven Wheat Whispers). Features 33 artists:
CD1: Alphane Moon, Andrew King, Charlotte Greig & Johan Asherton, Damh The Bard, English Heretic, Far Black Furlong, Mary Jane, Pumajaw, Peter Ulrich (Dead Can Dance), Sharron Kraus, Sieben, Sol Invictus, The Horses Of The Gods, The Owl Service, The Story (Tom & Martin Welham / Forest), The Triple Tree (Tony Wakeford / Andrew King).
CD2: Clive Powell, Doug Peters, Drohne, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Martyn Bates (Eyeless In Gaza), Quickthorn, Sand Snowman, Stormcrow, The A Lords, The Anvil, The Kitchen Cynics, The Purple Minds Of Lazeron, The Straw Bear Band, Tinkerscuss, Venereum Arvum, While Angels Watch, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band.

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V/A "MY DEAR FREAKS II" Digipack 15€ (Caustic Records)

  After the great reception that took the first edition of the compilation, is out now the second version “My Dear Freaks II”. This new co production Caustic Records - La Defunción presents the best selection of spanish bands, within the genres of the darkest scene Dark Folk, Neo Folk, Medieval, Post Industrial, and a long list of styles that will delight the most demanding ears. As the novelty will include two bands invited from outside our borders, on the one hand the wonderful Kutna Hora, from Argentina and another in The Joy Of Nature, a band from Portugal which is already giving a lot to talk. Ladies and gentlemen... Step right up. La Defuncion,Der Blaue Reiter, Persona, Eldar, Silent Love of Death, The Joy of Natura,Ô Paradis, Kuu,  Kutna Hora, Fayrierie, Narsilion, Trobar De Morte, Las Gueta La Runa, Caustic Records.

VA  - Abnormal Beauty
VA - Abnormal Beauty

V/A "Abnormal Beauty"  Digipack  13€ (Beast Of Prey)  -  / Dark Ambient / Ritual and  Industrial  / Dark and beautiful compilation of first league music projects. Without any further delays, ladies and gentleman we present to you: PARANOIA INDUCTA, DESIDERII MARGINIS, [haven], KRĘPULEC, NEKYIA, BOCKSHOLM (Peter Andersson / Raison d'etre), KARJALAN SISSIT, HOROLOGIUM, DEAD MAN'S HILL, STAHLWERK 9, CONTEMPLATRON.    Urelease tracks. 

Dark Ambient Radio Vol.1
Dark Ambient Radio Vol.1

VA "Dark Ambient Radio Vol.1" CD 12€ (D.A.R.)

Low frequencies, deep atmospheres, layers of darkness. All this decorated with slow, wicked melodies. Music not usually coming from your radio, more likely coming from the abyss scorching inside a sick mind. But there is this place - Dark Ambient Radio. A place which provides with a shelter not only those who enjoy drowning their senses in dark soundscapes and atmospheres but also the ones who dare to create them. And not only it gives a shelter to the dark ambient producers who lurk in this online community. It also gave them the chance to present their work to the world. So thirteen artists united, composed eleven tracks and created 70 minutes pure, dark ambient madness. In the first (and hopefully not last) volume of Dark Ambient Radio Compilation you'll be able to hear tracks by established artists such as Ah Cama-Sotz, Svartsinn, Dark Muse, Phelios and Stephen Parsick but you will also have the chance to discover the works of younger projects such as:

Nihil Communication, Nagual Art, Evoke Scurvee, Mytrip, All Sides, Megatone, Phobos and False Mirror.

Dark Ambient Radio Vol.2
Dark Ambient Radio Vol.2

VA "Dark Ambient Radio Vol.2" CD 14€  (D.A.R.)

This compilation is the result of almost one year of careful design and polishing of cutting-edge dark ambient songs, good cooperation, and intense competition. After already releasing a very good compilation with Vol.1, Dark Ambient Radio managed to raise the level with this superb collection of dark ambient music. This is not a big surprise since the 11 songs on the CD were selected out of 26 quality tracks that have been submitted during 2008 and would have been sufficient to release a good 2CD compilation. The selection of the tracks was a painful but fair process as the participating artists voted for the tracks individually and the agglomerated rating decided which tracks ended up on the compilation. So you can be sure that there is no weak track on the CD. All tracks have been done exclusively for this compilation.

Tholen,Inner Vision Laboratory, Arkhitektur Noir, THERRADAEMON,Aspectee, Evoke Scurvee, Phelios, CrepusculaR, Nagual Art, Troum, Phobos,False Mirror.

Alchemis Compendium II (Compilation) 2010
Alchemis Compendium II (Compilation) 2010

V/A "Alchemist Compendium II" File Album 2010

(Protea Records) PTA016

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1.No Way Out - Le Chant Du Diable (Remix)
2.Sinweldi - Un Ciel Ombrageux
3.Ouroboros - Sanctuaria (Balsam Remix)
4.Eldar - Mysterium Salamandae
5.Adrien Mailler - Metamorphosis Of The Spirit (Extended)
6.Barbarossa Umtrunk - Aiwass Commandments
7.Persona - The wrong path to the victory
8.Strydwolf - Anglus Ad Virginum
9.Front Sonore - Shadows Of The Ancient Sanctuary
10.Pajaro De Mal Agüero & Evhelice - Soy El Incesto De Dios (Remix)
11.Verney1826 - Mondlicht  (Instrumental)
12.Life's Decay - Elystea
13.Psychaotic - Sitra Ahra
14.Prodvkt - Adrenocromo
15.Nosens - XXXIII Degree
16.Totonizer - 3000 viviendas
17.Escuadron De La Muerte - Area De Peritaje


V.A. - "Alchemist Compendium"
V.A. - "Alchemist Compendium"

VA "Alchemist Compendium" File Album (Protea Records)

Erg, Transmissions From the Crypt, Vacio Perfecto, TrajedeSaliva, Erissoma, Eldar, Persona, Tzesne, Oscuridad Macabra, Nurss, Stillme, Verbum, Ragh, Scumearth, Pangea, Coagul, Jazznoize, Vrilnoise, Frenofobia, Uanamani, Anemic Cinema, Mynationshit, Larva, Tech Nomader, Fraktal Emotions, Dreamspiral.



VA - "ELECTRONIC MANIFESTO" 2xCD 15€ (Caustic Records)


Compilation that tries to recover the spirit of the Electro-Industrial revolution forged at the end of 80´s and in the decade of 90´s, when the creativity, the interaction between the artist and the analogical and digital machines of musical creation, as well as the complexity and the necessary effort for the production, reached the maximum level. “Electronic Manifesto” borns from the colaboration between Pedro Peñas y Robles (HIV+) and Caustic Records, and it tries to be an homage to all these pioneers of the sinths and drum-machines, invoking again the spirit of the electro-industrial music masters for this project. Electronic music has been losing often his originality, his creativity and his dark soul; as a reply to the current electro scene, without capacity to surprise, always striking us with the same rythms, always the same presets of the same synths and lyrics without substance, we shout this manifest for being listened.

Neon Cage Experiment, Laag, Mauri, The Hacker & Hiv+, Terence Fixmer, Psychosomatik, Psyche, Christopher Kah, Void Kampf, Pail, Tannhauser, Geistform, Ltno, Sprog, Sensorial Response, Embryo, E.S.R, Brain Leisure Vs Skoyz, Hiv+ Vs Deadcell, Data Raper, Mind Necrosis Factor, Quantic Church, Zauber, Splatterpunk, Ex_Tension, Twinkle Vs Shizuka, K-Bereit, Muckrackers.