Amalgam Primordialis


Amalgam primordialis is a label that fuses the profession within the field of symbolic design of two architect berkano.ARK, Marta Blanco and stillme., personal brand of Juan Pablo Martínez.

Amalgama Primordialis born by our need for show an art closely linked to the symbolism, the metaphysical and the primordial tradition. Not looking for an art that lacks substance and caressing the senses but only something more, looking for a touch in the spirit, looking for the observer to see or remember a door that is forcing us to close and that makes us free ... do not seek contemplation but the action of looking closer to the traditional world and separate from the modern World; we are not talking about a traditional world of stagnation in the past, speak of that deep traditional world in which reality was located as a metaphysical principle, central and end of existence, as the supreme state of being and truth, a world where they spontaneously formed a transition between human and non-human, a symbolic vision of things, nature and events; nor about being contrary to a modern world of progress, but its insistence on the separation between two worlds, in their concentration in only one of these, of man ... to the replacement of the supramundo with ephymeral ghosts and momentary exhalations of the mortal and materialistic nature.

To express our art we do not put limits, but now we are focused on textile design, t-shirts, buttons, photography, performances ...

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